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Traveling by Plane Made Easy

Traveling by Plane Made Easy

As the wife of a commercial airline captain, someone who does a lot of international (Europe, Middle East, Africa, US, Asia) and domestic flights (in the US and Tunisia), has flown pregnant, and who has had the privilege of flying with multiple children since they were each two months old, I have been asked many questions about how I do it. I also spend time answering travel questions on Yahoo Answers for people who just want to know simple tricks on how to make a trip easier for themselves.

In these next few pages I will try my best to answer some of the most common questions and give some tips using language that everyone can understand. It is my sincere desire that air travel be a fun and pleasant experience for all.

Plane Travel Basics

Flying Standby

Bereavement Fares

Tips for Cheaper Air Fare

Traveling Pregnant

Flying with children

If there is something that you would like more information on, or if I didn't touch on a specific concern of yours, please feel free to contact me.

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